Welcome, fellow poets!

I’m only listing free-to-submit publications and free-to-enter competitions as, if you are just starting out, you can otherwise spend a fortune. If you have anything poetry-related to share (free-to-submit listings only), please get in touch via email: rosiesandlerwriter@gmail.com – thank you!
Happy writing!
Please note: publication on this site does not mean publication editors/competition organisers have been vetted – please do your own checks before submitting.

One thought on “Welcome, fellow poets!

  1. This isn’t a competition, in fact it’s the rebelling of such things. I want poets to know they can share their work with the public without permission, and without even speaking a word. I’m trying to inspire a generation of “streetnik” poets. I want poets to post/tag their poems in cafes, bars, bathroom stalls, on street lamps, alongside street art, in libraries and on public transportation. WHEREVER YOU WANT. Just tape your poems up in public. Check out my work and the work of others at jetotags.com or Facebook: The Streetniks. To see exactly what we’re doing. In less than a year, just a few of us streetniks have tagged 4 countries, 32 cities, and 20 odd states. Let’s cover more ground and make a name for our generation of poets.
    (Share your work with me to be spotlighted on our website, Facebook, and Instagram page… only if you want. But I’d love to see your work. contact me personally, *JETO, at jetotags@gmail.com)

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