Apple Poems wanted for Ledbury Poetry Festival

Love this idea, to fill a ‘barrel’ with apple poems:
Copied and pasted, as usual: Welcome to The Poetry Orchard! Its trees are rooted in common ground and its apple-poems  are everyone’s. I’ve filled a barrel with the names of some Herefordshire apples. If you’d like to add your poem to the orchard then simply pick one of the apple names and make it the title of your poem. Then post it via the link below and it will appear on this page. Maybe you know an apple that’s not on the list. Don’t worry if the apple-title you choose has already appeared. That’s what we want. And look out for more on ‘The Poetry Orchard’ at the 2014 Ledbury Poetry Festival.

To start the apples rolling, here’s a poem, ‘Windfalls’, which gave me the idea for this orchard. It was commissioned by ‘Poetry on Loan’ and ‘Herefordshire Libraries’. I wanted the apple names to evoke local characters. Perhaps your apple poem’s name will make you think of someone and bring them to life, so that we build up a community of apples.

Look forward to tasting your poem!

Paul Henry
Herefordshire’s ‘Poet in Residence’

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