Firebird Poetry Awards

OK: if anyone else has more information on this, please come forward! It certainly all looks more than above-board, if you check out the names of the judges/patrons. (I once posted info on this blog of a publishing company that I quickly realised was far-from-legit. I took the post down asap.)

This appears to be a website, which it’s free to subscribe to, and to which you can upload your poetry for free, in order to get feedback and show your work to the world. Poems on the website will also – if I have understood this correctly – be entered automatically into the annual awards (see below):

Firebird Poetry will make annual awards consisting of:

  • 1st Prize – £2,500
  • 2nd Prize – £1,000
  • 3rd Prize – £500
  • 20 Commendations – £50

 All poems featured on the Firebird Poetry’s website will be judged by a panel and are eligible for the awards.

Submissions should be received by 30th September and winners will be notified by 15th December 2013

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