Dark Poetry Contest

The Eldritch Press has a free-to-enter competition for ‘dark poetry’ collections of a minimum of 50 pages (to a maximum of 100). Of the theme, the press explains that the poetry, ‘can be horror, sci-fi, fantasy, gothic or the various genres, but must be dark in nature’.  Open to entries worldwide, but must be in English. Deadline is not until 30 September 2015, so you have plenty of time to put your collection together. Copied from The Eldritch Press website:
We will announce the winners on Halloween.
Three poetry collections will be chosen for the following prizes:
First Place: $1500 and a three year publishing contract with Eldritch Press!
Second Place: $1000 and a two year publishing contract with Eldritch Press!
Third Prize: $500 and a one year publishing contract with Eldritch Press!’

For submission criteria and more information, visit: http://www.eldritchpress.com/dark-poetry-contest.html


12 thoughts on “Dark Poetry Contest

  1. How do I submit poems for the Dark Poetry Contest? And is it a free contest to enter? Thank you for your time in answering.
    Lisa Gordier

  2. Just curious if anyone knows what is happening with this contest. No winners have been announced, I’ve heard from a couple people that there’s been no response to email followups, and the press’s Facebook page has completely disappeared.

  3. I was wondering the same thing and it seems that both their website and Facebook page are no longer in existence. I think this seems really strange and I’m disappointed because I spent so much time on this submission for them to just vanish. If anyone can find out anything I’d really love to know what is uncovered.

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