Canterbury City Council Art in the Underpass Poetry Competition 2014

Info below copied and pasted from the poetry library newsletter:
Closing Date: 15-May-14
Canterbury City Council’s Community Development Service are currently running a project, to create a mural on an underpass in the Westgate Parks in Canterbury, and want to include some poetry. They’re running a competition for young people and adults to choose three poems to display. The competition is free to enter, and writers can send up to 3 poems that capture the spirit of Canterbury past and present: its history, architecture, people and ecology. Please send them as a word document to Please include your name, address and whether you are over or under 18. The poems will be judged in 2 categories, 18 and under, and over 18s. One from each category will be chosen plus one other. The competition will be judged by Canterbury Laureate 2011-12 Sarah Salway. The winning poems will be displayed on 6’x4′ panels among the art work. Shortlisted writers may also be invited to read at a special event in the Westgate Parks on 29 June 2014 where the winners will be announced.
Entry Fee: £0


Email entries in a Word document to – please note you can send up to a maximum of three poems in one entry.
For full terms and conditions visit or email



Apple Poems wanted for Ledbury Poetry Festival

Love this idea, to fill a ‘barrel’ with apple poems:
Copied and pasted, as usual: Welcome to The Poetry Orchard! Its trees are rooted in common ground and its apple-poems  are everyone’s. I’ve filled a barrel with the names of some Herefordshire apples. If you’d like to add your poem to the orchard then simply pick one of the apple names and make it the title of your poem. Then post it via the link below and it will appear on this page. Maybe you know an apple that’s not on the list. Don’t worry if the apple-title you choose has already appeared. That’s what we want. And look out for more on ‘The Poetry Orchard’ at the 2014 Ledbury Poetry Festival.

To start the apples rolling, here’s a poem, ‘Windfalls’, which gave me the idea for this orchard. It was commissioned by ‘Poetry on Loan’ and ‘Herefordshire Libraries’. I wanted the apple names to evoke local characters. Perhaps your apple poem’s name will make you think of someone and bring them to life, so that we build up a community of apples.

Look forward to tasting your poem!

Paul Henry
Herefordshire’s ‘Poet in Residence’

Article on how poetry editors choose the poems…

Thanks again to fab poet, Alex Toms, for putting me on to this one:

Stating the obvious…?

If you are new to submitting, here’s another thing I learnt the hard way: keep track of everything you submit – either in a large notebook (my method) or in a spreadsheet. Make sure you enter the name of the publication/competition. Each individual piece should also have a separate listing.

For example, if I was sending three poems, ‘Faint’, ‘Hello’ and ‘Not today’, to a magazine called ‘Submissions’, I would enter ‘Submissions’ under ‘S’ in my spreadsheet or notebook, and list the 3 poems. I would then turn to ‘F’ and enter ‘Faint’ and that I had sent it to ‘Submissions’. I would do the same for ‘Hello’ and ‘Not today’ (hmm think I might use that title!).

Don’t forget to note the date next to each entry.

If you get a rejection, it helps to note not just the rejection, but also the date of the rejection – this will be a useful guideline if you want to submit to the same publication again, and can’t remember how long they took to get back to you the previous time.

New Year, New Competition on Poem Pigeon

Copied and pasted from the Poem Pigeon website:


Beginning, renewal, rebirth… those are the themes for the January Poem Pigeon competition, our first competition of 2014.

Entry fee: None
Deadline: 31st Jan

Submissions now open to the Butcher’s Dog magazine, issue 3

Copied and pasted from their submissions page:

Submissions for Issue 3

Butcher’s Dog publishes poems from writers with distinct voices. Sophie F Baker, Jake Campbell and Amy Mackelden are the co-editors of issue 3.

We welcome submissions from writers living in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, particularly those with a connection to Northern England.
Submission Guidelines:
  • Send up to 3 unpublished poems in the body of an email to If formatting is an issue please send your poems in a single document as an attachment (.rtf, .doc or .pdf only).
  • Submit your poems by 10 February 2014 (Issue

Popshot Magazine open to submissions

Send up to 3 poems (of up to 25 lines each) on the theme of ‘journeys’ to this beautiful, illustrated publication. Submissions of short stories (up to 3,000 words each) and illustrations also accepted. Submission information here:

Templar Poetry – submissions for Iota magazine

You can submit to Iota magazine following the link copied below. Templar, their publisher, are also inviting entries to their mini-pamphlet (iSHOT) competition, but that costs money. If you submit to the magazine, via snail mail, there’s no charge other than your one-way postage (they don’t send work back). (If you submit to Iota magazine online, there’s a £1 admin/printing charge.)


We are currently reading submissions for Iota 94 and 95 to be published spring and summer 2014 – for further details click on the link below..

Submissions for Iota 94 Invited