Templar Poetry – submissions for Iota magazine

You can submit to Iota magazine following the link copied below. Templar, their publisher, are also inviting entries to their mini-pamphlet (iSHOT) competition, but that costs money. If you submit to the magazine, via snail mail, there’s no charge other than your one-way postage (they don’t send work back). (If you submit to Iota magazine online, there’s a £1 admin/printing charge.)


We are currently reading submissions for Iota 94 and 95 to be published spring and summer 2014 – for further details click on the link below..

Submissions for Iota 94 Invited


Simultaneous and Multiple Submissions – and layout

OK: apologies to poets to whom all this is obvious… (And feel free to correct/amend if you know otherwise, or disagree!)

If a publication states ‘No simultaneous submissions’, it means: do not send the same poem(s) to another publication until you’ve had the ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ from us.

If it states, ‘No multiple submissions’, it means: once you’ve submitted to us, please don’t send us anything else, until you’ve heard the success or otherwise of the first submission.

Meanwhile: poems should not be double-spaced, the way you would double-space prose for submission purposes. I like to line my poems up with the ‘5’ tab on the ruler at the top of the screen in Word, to centre them, but I’m pretty sure it’s just as acceptable not to indent them – of course, if you’re playing with form and shape of the poem on the page, this won’t be relevant for you!